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Mission Statement

Empoweredby3 is a platform to facilitate core elements of mindset, fitness, and nutrition. These three elements maximize all individuals dealing with physiological, mental, and emotional trials. Our ultimate goal is to surpass clients desired level of function. Our daily habits produce our character and our character determines our destiny. If we can’t do all the little things right we will never be able to do the big things right! Change starts here.



Nourishment (structure for healthy lifestyle eating - if you eat crap you will be crap. Moment vs. Lifetime - Be. Your. Best)



Through the craft of the sport you will find growth (i.e., Fitness, exercise, technique, posture, pace, isolated lifts for strength/endurance, etc.)



Through Metacognition you will find personal growth (i.e., awareness training, emotional regulation, effective communication, etc.)



We have an obsession with becoming the best version of oneself. This earth is filled with so many trials and tribulations but is also filled with so many blessings and opportunities when we figure out what life is all about. Jimmy LaRowe and Connor Brummett are the founders of Empoweredby3. Jimmy LaRowe is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy and Life Coach and Connor Brummett is a Wabash College Graduate who knows what it takes to be a wrestling Champion. We desire change in the whole area of Indiana to help each and every one of us become the best version of ourselves in wrestling and in Life.

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