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For the first post, it is worth noting how important it is to be a steward of the body you live in (you only get one on this earth). Some say moderation is key, which is fine... Please go ahead and treat yourself! There is a small problem with these rationalizations when we consider moral licensing, cognitive dissonance, progressive extremism, and so much more (which we will get to in future posts). My theory is that if you figure out how your body responds to different foods and STAY AWAY from the junk that makes you feel less and STAY CLOSE to the fuel that makes you feel more; your body will naturally cleanse itself after about two weeks from adopting the most healthy lifestyle. The mental focus and energy you will experience is indescribable. I am a firm believer that we are what we eat and the pleasure of tasting crap food is not worth the way it makes me feel physiologically (not emotionally). Pleasure eating is often just not worth it once we experience a healthier lifestyle. Consider WANT vs. NEED; PLEASURE vs. PERFORMANCE; SHORT TERM vs. LONG TERM; MOMENT vs. LIFETIME. Everything is mediated by a simple choice, make the choice to bless your body or fill it with toxins… It is your choice and I promise there is no judgment here (Matthew 7:1&5 tells us “do not judge and you will not be judged, take the plank out of your own eye so you can accurately see the spec in your bothers”). I just want to encourage you to do your best to be your best each moment of each day because your life depends on it and YOU are WORTH IT!

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